Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey Joe... the glass is actually MORE than half empty!

The Yankees should be in panic mode right now. Nobody can say "It's early... there's a lot of baseball to be played."

It's not early. It's past the All Star break. It's mid July. Soon it will be late July and teams will be getting reinforcements at the trade deadline.

And here, now well past the half way point of the season, the Yankees remain a sub .500 team... 10 games behind the Red Sox... 9 games out of the Wild Card.

If they are going to go on a wild 1978 or 1995 run to burst into the playoffs... time is running out. And there is no room for error.

In order to get to 95 wins, the Yankees needed to go 52-24... win at a .693 clip.
And when Roger Clemens is on the mound against Tampa Bay, that should be a win 11 times out of 10. I don't care that Scott Kazimir was on the mound... Kazimir is a nice pitcher but he isn't Johan Santana or Steve Carlton in his prime.

So what happened? They cashed in one of their 24 losses. They have 11 weeks left, meaning they can barely afford to lose 2 games a week and they let Pat and Christin's favorite team win.

So how did Joe Torre react?
What rage did he express?

"I have no trouble sleeping tonight, other than the final score."

Um... Joe. Glad to hear the new mattress is working for you, but you are aware that the final score is the only thing that matters at this point, right?

"You really have to let go of the final score because of a lot of times you can't control it. "

Is Joe a Calvinist? Does he believe the games are predestined? I always thought the final score was controlled by the team that plays the best and winds up winning!

"I learned through my years of doing this that even though everything is judged on winning and losing, it's the tenacity of the team."

Ah! It's that they are trying hard!
Play hard guys and win or lose, we're going to Papa Gino's after the game.

I didn't realize sub .500 teams with a $200 million payroll get credit for trying hard against one of the worst teams in baseball.

You don't want to play your team with a sense of urgency, Joe?


  1. I knew you'd come round in the end


    His sister is a nun for Christ-sakes!

    I'm disappointed.