Saturday, July 28, 2007

It was ugly, but it was a win

The great Papelbon blew a save and it wasn't a pretty game.

But there are no points for style, just results.
And thank GOD for the Devil Ray's minor league bullpen!

So I'll take the win and the series win...
and a 9 game lead...
and the chance for a series sweep...
With Dice-K on the mound.

Oh and not to be a gloating Red Sox fan but
I can't be the only guy who has noticed that Johnny Damon has been really terrible this year, am I?

Two double plays tonight, including a backbreaker in the 9th?
Even the people on my favorite Yankee blog are beginning to wonder if Damon is still on the Boston payroll.

Maybe Theo knew something we didn't.
Hell he knew when to get rid of Nomar... maybe he knew that was all there is with Johnny!

I won't doubt you again!

Oh yeah...

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