Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hopefully on the Hall Menu: Goose with Rice

I am rooting big time for two players to make the Hall tomorrow

One Red Sox
One Yankee

Jim Rice and Goose Gossage

I want Rice in their so badly and I know the arguments against him and I don't care... I still want him in.

Goose belonged in years ago

I'm also rooting for Rock Raines, Jack Morris, Dave Parker and Andre Dawson... but I am not expecting them to get in

But man... Rice and Goose would be great.

The spectre of 1986 haunts Jim Rice...
If Schraldi got that last out in the 10th inning or if Stanley struck Mookie Wilson out and the Red Sox won the 1986 World Series... Rice would have been in 10 years ago.

There would be a retort to the voters who analyzed his stats to death.

Yeah Williams and Yaz put up better numbers.
But the Red Sox won it all with Rice.

Alas an inning that had nothing to do with Rice has kept him out of the hall.

(And notice I don't blame Buckner. As I said before, the Buckner error is the most overrated play in sports history. The game was already tied. The play could not have ended the World Series for the Red Sox and it did not win the World Series for the Mets.)


It's a 1978 playoff reunion

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