Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts... what did I miss?

Well people out there who read this blog... I apologize for my not writing since the World Series ended.

I was exhausted after the long season and 7 game series with Cleveland and then suddenly seeing my boys win it all AGAIN... I needed a break.

Plus I had my feature film, I'll Believe You, open and close in the theaters, and the show I produce for, Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller, premiere on the Versus Network.

So basically any funny sports thoughts went into the show... not the blog.

But it's not like a lot has happened!

- Oh sure, Joe Torre became a Dodger and took Donnie Baseball with him.

- And yeah, Boras tried to turn the clinching World Series game into the A-Rod show (the only way A-Rod will ever get into a World Series game).

- And sure A-Rod became a free agent asking for an insane 10 year $20 some odd million contract only to find he had exactly zero suitors.

- And then A-Rod purged himself of Boras (but not really) the Yankees played tough (but not really) and Boras got A-Rod the insane 10 year $20 some odd million contract from Steinbrenner's stupid son despite having no other bidders! Boras is a legitimate genius!

- The Red Sox are World Champions and unlike 2004, I got a grand total of ZERO Christmas presents celebrating the World Series.

- The post World Series glow isn't as surreal as it was in 2004... it is just fun. I kind of like this "being just another team" thing. It's like Pinnochio becoming a real boy.

- The Tigers said "To Hell With Prospects" and brought the best hitter not named A-Rod to Detroit with the Cabrera trade and throw in a pitcher who could win 20 games or could have an ERA of 5... but is one of the most entertaining players in the game with Dontrelle Willis.

- The Mitchell Report came out and was the biggest let down since Eyes Wide Shut. Wow, so you are telling me Canseco, Bonds, Tejada, Clemens and Paul LoDuca did 'roids! What exactly was in that report that Jose Canseco didn't tell us in 2005?

- Pettite admits to taking HGH and is treated like St. Francis of Assisi.

- The Astros trade prospects for fading 'roider Miguel Tejada. Let the Ed Wade era in Houston begin!

- The A's deal away Haren and Swisher and you get the feeling will walk away the winners.

- Tampa Bay drops the "Devil" from their name but the fans still have their heads twist around as they projectile vomit.

- The Red Sox and Yankees play chicken over Johan Santana but you get the feeling the Dodgers or the Mets will sweep in to get them.

- The Angels signed Torii Hunter and have an abundance of major league ready talent and an owner dying to make a splash. Maybe they'll win the Santana chase.

- The Royals signed Hideo Nomo. That'll help.

Guess I didn't miss much.

Wake me when pitchers and catchers report.

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  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    welcome back- now get to work on the Hall of Fame posting.

    Andre Dawson- I'm sorry but he may deserve it- and we KNOW Jack Morris does.

    I'll even give it to your man Jim Rice.