Monday, October 29, 2007


You don't expect me to write now, do you?

I am so overwhelmed.

I'm sorry if this was a boring and dull World Series for you all.
I really don't care.

I am so happy tonight... my team is the World Champion... and I am not going to apologize that they won so convincingly.

No Curses... no metaphysics... no tributes to relatives long gone...

Just rooting for a good team who came through and won.

Was it more special than 2004?
Of course not... nothing will top that for emotion, surprise and an overwhelming of the senses.
The Sox had to topple the Yankees in a manner that had never been seen.

This time?
No Yankees, no old black and white clips...

It was actually more FUN this time and less about life and death.

Let's call them what they are... THE TEAM OF THE DECADE!
And oh yeah...


Man that looks good to type

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