Friday, May 23, 2008

The Joba Situation

As a Red Sox fan I can find nothing but pleasure in the Yankees putting Joba in the rotation.

Seriously, the Yankees front office found the perfect scenario if weakening both the rotation AND the bullpen in one swift stroke.

The Yankees needed Joba in the bullpen last year because their set up men were as reliable as Inspector Clouseau. But they developed Joba as a reliever in the minor leagues knowing what his role would be.

And he was awesome and only a swarm of bugs could stop him. And along the way the Yankees found the perfect heir to Mariano.

So naturally Hank “Fredo” Steinbrenner demanded he be put into the rotation. His rationale being his talent was wasted in the bullpen and that someone who throws that hard should be a starter. (That logic would put perennial bust Kyle Farnsworth in the rotation as well.)

So now think about the Yankees had and what they will now have:

They HAD unsteady starting pitching but a rock solid 8th and 9th innings knowing that any lead handed to Chamberlain and Rivera was usually safe.

NOW they have yet another coddled pitcher in the rotation who probably will be capped at 6 innings a start and the 8th inning will be just a big a question as the 7th.

And moronically (or in a full on panic mode) the Yankees will have Joba stretch out his innings at the big league level.

Let that digest for a second.

They are going to make Joba stretch out his innings gradually while the Yankees try to dig themselves out of a last place hole.

Now what if they need someone to get them out of an 8th inning jam and it isn't one of the days Joba is scheduled to pitch?

What if Joba needs to struggle through a 3rd inning and it costs the Yankees against the Red Sox?

Isn't that sort of innings workout the kind of thing you do in the minor leagues? Or spring training?

And what if he doesn't cut it as a starter?

Most starters have growing pains. Ask Phil Hughes (and his fake injury) and Ian Kennedy who have combined for as many wins this season as Gladys Knight .

And how good is it for a young pitcher to say "You are a starter... I'm sorry you are a reliever... no wait you are a starter again"

It's the sort of move that makes me think that there might be panic in the Bronx.
Like Torre or not, he never panicked. And he sometimes had reason to panic.

Either way, any time the Yankees can weaken their rotation and their bullpen with one move is a good day for Yankee haters

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