Saturday, August 11, 2012

Manny Machado shows he can hit Triple A pitching

20 year old phenom Manny Machado was called up to the Orioles this week. The third overall pick was at Double-A Bowie when he got the call to the parent club.

The Orioles seemed to time to promotion well. Instead of exposing him to big league pitching, they Machado play the Royals and essentially a Triple-A staff.

He responded with a triple, 2 homers, a .500 average and a 2.000 OPS over his first two games.

I say one more weekend against Triple-A pitchers and then have him face big league pitching when they play the Red Sox next.

Even then, it is a good strategy. The Red Sox are not much better than Kansas City. The Orioles seem to be building him against lousy pitching teams.

A week from today he will be facing Justin Verlander and the Tigers. He should have a week of lousy big league pitching on his resume by then. THAT should be a descent challenge.

If he is still batting .500 with a 2.000 OPS, then that would be impressive.
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