Monday, September 17, 2007


Clay Buchholz threw a no hitter on September 1. In the 17 days since, he's appeared in one game... a 3 inning relief appearance.

To put in perspective how insane that is, since throwing a no hitter, he's appeared in one more game than ME!

I was glad to see him announce the lineups on FOX last Saturday... if for no other reason to be proof of life!

After the no hitter, I first begged Francona to put him in the rotation.

I then begged them to not treat him like the crystal egg in Risky Business.

It made no sense to keep Buchholz sitting in the bullpen eating sunflower seeds while Wakefield is clearly hurt and Dice-K is so worn out that I expect his arm to fly out of his socket with every pitch.

Well, I guess it got to the point where sanity won out over pitch counts.
Buchholz is getting a start!

Baby steps I guess to sanity!

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