Friday, September 28, 2007


I'll say it... last night was the single greatest and most insane regular season day I can ever remember.

Seriously, last night was the reason the XM Radio was invented!

There have been seasons where the last weekend was meaningful for a few teams... but how many make or break games could happen at the same time?

One minute I am listening and...
The Mets are collapsing

The Phillies are charging

The next minute...

The Cubs are winning

The Brewers are falling apart

Next thing I know

Dice-K is throwing goose eggs

And Rivera has blown a save and suddenly the Red Sox can stunningly win the division with an Orioles win... and the Yankees are putting in Edwar Ramirez, the human White Flag.

I had to go to the pharmacy and pick some stuff for my son Matty who was sick. And I did so as a dutiful father... and loved sneaking in a few more innings on my XM.

By the time I got to the Nob Hill Supermarket in Mountain View, I was sitting in the parking lot flipping between the game where the Diamondbacks can clinch a playoff spot over the Rockies who can tie the game, the game where the Brewers are fighting to stay alive against the Padres who are trying to clinch a spot... and the Red Sox on the verge of a Division Title.

I realized I had a sick son, therefore I couldn't just sit in the parking lot, so I put my headphones on and shopped as fast as I could.

When Melvin Mora dropped a squeeze bunt to beat the Yankees and clinch the AL East for my Red Sox, I was in the self check out line. I gave a huge fist pump, and I am sure the person behind me thought I was excited about the low price of chamomile tea.

By the time I get back into my car, the Red Sox were celebrating, the Diamondbacks had clinched and the Brewers were eliminated and I was heading home to be a good father.

Savor last night, fellow baseball fans.
We may NEVER have a night like that again.

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