Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In honor of Butch Hobson....

... a star quarterback for Alabama who became a star thirdbaseman

...one of 5 members of the 1977 Red Sox with 26 or more homers (back when that meant something

... who had to move the bonechips in his elbow back into place while playing down the stretch. (Zim, did you think of sitting him as he committed an error a game?)

... in a team full of stars, was my favorite player for a long time and whose autograph was a prized possession of a 9 year old Paul Sullivan


(All due apologies to Joe Cronin, whose #4 was retired by the Red Sox... but Butch was my guy!)

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  1. Chico Salmon4:22 PM

    what was his famous comment about "hustle" when his team lost as Red Sox manager????