Sunday, September 30, 2007

Inner peace

Man this feels strange... but I feel complete inner peace regarding the Red Sox right now.

First of all there is NO REASON to mutter under your breath about any loss by the Red Sox this year.

Nope, not A-Rod's homer off of Papelbon... nor any blown save by Eric Gagne... nor the sweep in Yankee Stadium... nor blowing the 5 run lead in the 8th to the Yankees...

How would things have been different if they won those games?
The Red Sox have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs as it is!

And guess what?
Manny is back and he's hitting.
Ortiz is slugging the ball like a man possessed.
Dice K pitched a great game his last game out.
So did Wakefield.
And Okajima got a save his last game out.

Even my nemesis J. D. Drew is hitting!

So how could you have asked for a better scenario going into the playoffs?
I'm not saying that the Red Sox are a lock to win anything (they are playing the team I picked to win the World Series!)

The playoffs start on Wednesday. The team is rested, ready, has the most favorable schedule and they couldn't be in a better spot if they won 162 games.

That feeling I am experiencing?
It's called peace.

(And two free days before I get tense again!)

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  1. crosetti5:42 PM

    Enjoy your peace. Sox are going down, man!