Monday, September 24, 2007

Go for the division... until Friday

There's a lot of hemming and hawing about whether the Red Sox should go for it! Put the aft thrusters on and win the division title!

And of course Red Sox fans are yelling for it, mainly so the Sox can finish ahead of the Yankees.

And I agree to a degree. The Red Sox are going back to Fenway with the magic number currently at least at 6. It could be as low as 5 if the Blue Jays can manage to split the series.

And yes, it would be wonderful to have Red Sox be crowned as Division Champs.
But what is that really worth?

If they clinch on the last day of the season and then get swept while the second place Wild Card team goes on to the World Series... what is that division title worth?

Ask the Twins, who clinched on the last day of the 2006 season only to get thumped by Oakland... who in turn got thumped by the Wild Card Tigers. Who remembers the Twins were even IN the playoffs last year?

Is this more Red Sox inferiority complex coming out?
Are we so certain that the Sox aren't winning the World Series this year that we need to have something as a retort to the descending Yankee fan base?

"At least we won the Division!"

The Red Sox were the first team to clinch and should take advantage of that to set up the rotation and get rest to the right players.

But they also need to get Youk and Manny back in. (Man, wouldn't one of them have been a better choice than Hinske against Switzer with the bases loaded today?)

And they need to see if Okajima can pitch.
And if Buchholz could relieve. (OR START!!!!)

So I say go for it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Try to win those games and maybe the Blue Jays and Devil Rays will sneak in a win against the Yankees.

But after Friday, it's spring training. Rest Papi. Rest Papelbon. Have Beckett and Schilling in their street clothes. Have Derven Hansack and Royce Clayton in the games.

Nobody remembers the division winner.
How proud were Yankee fans to have their team be the 2004 American League East Champions?

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