Saturday, July 02, 2011

Giants... play a boring game... for my DAD'S sake!

Look, the heart stopping wins are great, Giants. But it is getting a bit rough on my dad.
EVERY SINGLE NIGHT he has to watch a great pitcher, like Bumgarner tonight, throw a gem with zero wiggle room and wait for late game heroics.

Sandoval's go ahead double was amazing and Crawford's game ending double play was the coolest play of the year because I was convinced it was a game winning walk off hit for the Tigers.

But understand my dad watches every inning.
And tonight he was mumbling things like "We should harness the wind caused by our bats and we'd solve the energy crisis" and kept saying that Bochy has been SENTENCED to the job of Giants manager.

The Giants are defending their World Series title in as exciting a manner as I can remember.
But we have guests coming over this weekend. I'd like to see my dad relax a little.

Thanks a bunch.
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