Friday, February 25, 2011

Buy the USA Today 2011 Baseball Complete MLB Preview.

The USA Today 2011 Baseball Complete MLB Preview is available at fine bookstores and probably some not so fine ones as well.

If you turn to page 30, there is an article called "NO GIANT STREAK."

Guess who wrote it?

No guess!

Yup, yours truly has an article in the magazine.

Essentially I wrote about why I don't think the Giants are going to repeat as champs. (Sorry dad.)

I like to think that baseball fans across the country are reading an article that I wrote while sitting on the john.

I can think of no bigger honor for my writing as this blog is hard to bring into the bathroom.

So pick up a copy and help me out with another little potential obsession.

That's me holding up my copy with the cover for Southern California.

The cover highlights the Dodgers and Angels, 2 teams that went 80-82. And oh yeah, there are pictures of the 97 loss Arizona Diamondbacks and the rebuilding Padres.

Clearly this is the Southern California cover.

So do me a favor, dear friends of Sully Baseball:

Buy a copy of the magazine. I don't get a penny of residuals, so I am not doing this to send my kids to Cal Tech.

I want to see what the different regional covers are.

Send me a picture of you with the regional cover and I'll post it on the blog.

And if you have a blog, I'll link the blog.

So let's see how many different covers I can post before opening day!

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  1. Nonsense! I have pinched off many a glorious loaf reading your blog, Sully. Aren't smart phones a beautiful thing? Congrats on your article.

  2. i have never seen a USA Today baseball preview magazine. is it new this year? i live in Western Mass and haven't seen it yet.

  3. I looked here in Calgary, and could not find it. I did find 3 other preview magazines (among the 800 or so hockey magazines in the sports section), and they all had Blue Jays on the cover.