Friday, November 04, 2011

Will somebody PLEASE Interview Chris Chambliss?

Seriously. Why can't Chris Chambliss even get his name MUMBLED for a manager's job?

Three high profile managerial positions are available...
The Cubs, Cardinals and Red Sox all need to be filled.

I hear a lot of names floating around for those gigs.
Terry Francona will probably land one of them.
Maybe Ryne Sandberg will get one.

The likes of Pete Mackanin and Dave Sveum are mentioned. So have Mike Maddux and Mike Matheny.

I am sure they are all able baseball minds.

Davey Johnson is, for sure, as he is returning to Washington.
Bob Melvin once won Manager of the Year, so his returning to Oakland isn't nuts.

But Chambliss' name is never even MENTIONED.

Seriously, no offense to Robin Ventura, but he has been handed the keys to the White Sox and he wasn't even a coach!

Since the start of the 2010 season, people such as Juan Samuel, Mike Quade, Don Cooper, Brandon Hyde and Daren Brown all got to put "Major League Manager" on their resume.

John McLaren got to put a second franchise on his.

Do ANY of them have Chris Chambliss' qualifications?

I know I brought this up before, but it is getting absurd.

Let's review Chambliss' background.

16 full big league seasons.
Former Rookie of the Year.
Former American League All Star.
Former top 5 AL MVP finisher.
Former Gold Glove Winner.
Former playoff hero. (First since Mazeroski to end a post season series with a walk off homer.)
2 time World Series champ.
Coached for several of the Yankees World Series winners under Joe Torre.
Major League hitting coach for the Cardinals, Mets, Reds and Mariners.
Minor League Managerial experience over four different decades.
Former Sporting News Minor League Manager of the Year.
Managed as recently as 2010 with Charlotte.

And the respect of three generations of players.

You wouldn't give a guy like THAT a shot?
A guy who wants one shot!

Ozzie Guillen is the sixth Marlins manager since 2005.
Six men have managed the Mariners since 2005.
Five men have managed the Orioles since 2005.
Five men have managed the Pirates since 2005.
Five men have managed the Royals since 2005.
Four men have managed the Astros since 2005.
Four men have managed the Brewers since 2005.
Four men have managed the Dodgers since 2005.

Of those teams mentioned in this time frame, only the 2005 Astros won the pennant.

That's 39 managerial hirings.
You are telling me that all 39 had more to offer than Chambliss?
I find that very hard to believe.

Interview him.
Give him a shot.

Clearly this isn't based on fandom. He was a Yankee!

It's just based on respect for a guy who has earned it over his 5 decades of baseball experience.

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  1. He never stepped on home plate in 1976. That's enough for me.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    The unbelievably awful Mariner offenses he's been coaching haven't exactly been boosting his resume. Of course it may not be his fault, but with even formerly-productive players like Chone Figgins, Milton Bradley (on the field!), and even Ichiro last season busting under his watch, you have to wonder. Not exactly a guy I see as in line for a promotion right now at the very least.

  3. Yankee102:18 AM

    Bravo. Nothing could be more right. I saw Joe Torre, and Joe Morgan on two separate occasions, at restaurants in Los Angeles recently. I asked each of them the same question as they were leaving, "Why can't Chris Chambliss get hired?" Torre said that it was a mystery, and a good question, and said there isn't a finer candidate in baseball. Morgan was angrier about it. "...And you think there isn't racism in baseball? This is exhibit A" Wow. Hire him please. His lack of success with the M's doesn't ruin his impeccable resume. Give him time and he will probably get them hitting better, as he has just about everywhere. That notwithstanding, managing a team is different than coaching hitters anyway. The Ventura hire is a perfect example of injustice.

  4. Reading that comment from Morgan, that's the most insightful comment ever attributed to him.