Saturday, February 05, 2011

Breakup Girl Valentines... send the valentine gift of Sully

Taking a quick break from baseball, let me turn your attention to a great friend of Sully's: Breakup Girl.

Breakup Girl is the creation of Lynn Harris, one of my closest friends from my stand up comedy days and who I consider to be family, and the brilliant illustrator Chris Kalb.

They've created adventures in the world of dating and relationships on line, in books and even on TV in an animated cartoon.

And guess who has a character, "Paul the Intern", based upon him in the adventures?
That would be me.

Yup, during my single days, my insecurities and dating problems became part of a comic strip series.

It was good to know that even if I flopped with a girl, it served a noble purpose.

But is also created a strange insecurity.

Eventually they made my character very thin... thinner than me!

Do you know how frustrating it is to get down to "My comic strip weight"?

Well with Valentine's Day approaching, let me plug something else from Lynn and Chris:

The new funny Breakup Girl valentines.

And one of them features... yup. Yours truly.

And seeing that I am not about to make a Sully Baseball valentine any time soon, this would be the best way to send the gift of Sully to your loved one.

And I can't think of any better gift to give this February.

So check out Breakup Girl... and do yourself a favor and buy the original book He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not by Lynn and Chris.

It holds up and is hilarious.

OK... back to baseball.

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  1. Thanks, Paul the Intern! We really should start paying you.

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