Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Sully Baseball Video - "Albert Boo-Jols?"

In my latest video, I state the obvious... no Cardinals fan should EVER boo Albert Pujols, no matter how this contract situation pans out!

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  1. I boo that stadium you were in. And fans can boo whoever they want, end of story man. You do not know each fans emotional involvement with their team. Would booing be dumb? YES! But each fan has their own reasons for it. Pujols has given the St Louis fans 10 great years and they appreciate that no matter if they boo him or not.

  2. I agree with your point 100%, but I'm perplexed with the timing. You're killing Cardinals fans for something they haven't done. And there's not much to suggest that they will do what you preemptively accuse them (us) of doing.

    We're talking about Cardinals fans. These are fans that give standing ovations for a well executed sacrifice bunt. These are fans that make it a habit of cheering for the former player upon his return. Heck, they cheer for players on the other team if a good play is made.

    There is NOTHING to suggest that fans would boo Pujols if he left.

    And he's not going to leave so its a moot point. He's not going to leave. He's just not. Really, he's staying. Right? Tell me he's staying!

  3. Call it a preemptive strike