Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sully Baseball honors... Pepe Mantilla's call of Albert Pujols Home Run off Brad Lidge, October 18 ,2005

Versatile broadcaster Pepe Mantilla calls Spanish language broadcasts for soccer games and Laker games here in Los Angeles.

Fox Sports also has employed him to call Spanish broadcasts for baseball playoff games.

He's damn good at his job, and I can say that as someone who doesn't speak a word of Spanish.

How do I know that? Because so much of baseball is conveying emotion and the drama simply in HOW you call the game, not just WHAT you call.

A case in point... listen to his call of Albert Pujols shot off of Brad Lidge in 2005.
Without knowing Spanish, see if you can tell when Pujols connects.

It's subtle.

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  1. I remember that when it happened. When Eckstein singled, it was all over. Even Jim Edmonds came through. I just knew that Albert was going to kill that ball and send Lidge to a lifetime of therapy sessions.