Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yankee haters... give them 24 hours. Yankee fans... expect to get it BADLY

I urge my fellow Yankee haters to not taunt Yankee fans tonight. In fact give them 24 hours to grieve.

Out of courtesy.
Out of dignity.

Unless of course if you are a Texas Rangers fan.
Then by all means let loose. But you must also supply a photograph of you wearing a Texas Rangers hat PRIOR to 2010.

Preferably a picture of you with some classic Rangers player. Maybe with Ruben Sierra or Rusty Greer.

But all other fans... hold back for 24 hours. And that means YOU TOO, Red Sox fans! And Mets fans!

The Red Sox and Mets were playing golf when the playoffs started. Our fan bases have little to crow about.

So seriously... do something that a lot of Yankee fans don't do that often:
Show a little respect to another fan base and put yourselves in their shoes.

Their season went up in smoke... and they didn't even have the moment of facing the big Kahuna, Cliff Lee, in a showdown.

Let them have their 24 hours.

But Yankee fans... know what is coming and know it is going to be bad.

As I said in my Vlog the other day, you MUST understand that your role in baseball is to be the bad guy.

It isn't a Red Sox fan thing... or a Mets fan thing... it is general in baseball.

The check out girl at Trader Joe's in my town in California was hearing me talk about Baseball with someone else. She said "I don't care who wins, as long as someone beats the Yankees."

I was in a bar in Walla Walla Washington in 2002 when the Angels eliminated the Yankees. You would have thought everyone in the bar was born and raised as Angels fans.

It is part of the fabric of America.
You either love or hate the Yankees. And guess what? A lot of people LIKE TO SEE THEM LOSE!

And a lot of people think the Yankee fans are a smidge arrogant. I don't know why. Maybe because they remind you of how many times they have won constantly... the greatest of their team constantly... how they will win and how it is a given constantly... and are entitled to have every single superstar in the game.

If you walk around beating people up, driving an awesome car and saying "Hey... your girlfriend is hot... pretty soon, she'll be with ME!"

You root for Billy Zabka.

And sometimes Billy Zabka wins... like last year.

And sometimes Billy Zabka loses.

And when Billy Zabka falls down, EVERYONE cheers.
Billy Zabka can't look up and say "Hey! Only Ralph Macchio can be happy now. The rest of you punks I beat up have to be quiet."

It doesn't work that way.

When the bully gets knocked down a peg, everyone else that person bullies wants to cheer.

And they will.

So brace yourselves, Yankee fans. If you want to chant "27 titles" and remind everyone how awesome your team is... don't be surprised when some people revel in your misery.

It's the price you pay.

But you should get 24 hours to grieve.

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  1. I respect the good Yankee fans I know. I give them space, and don't dump on them. The ones who respected me during those tough Sox losses get respect back from me.

    However, to the obnoxious dimwit NYY fans: the torrent against them began when Slappy got caught looking. Screw them.

  2. What 24 hours? Just like they would have given us if they had won? Whatever.

    Gonna let loose right away. See my blog for a picture of me and Spiff Jr. in Rangers gear Christmas 2007. Can also supply earlier photos if needed.