Sunday, October 31, 2010

I told the Rangers to start Cliff Lee

As I wrote on Thursday, this is not a second guess. Cliff Lee should have started Game 4. He didn't go 5 innings in Game 1 and this could have been a series changing game.

Yes I know Madison Bumgarner pitched brilliantly, but who is to say he would have pitched as well knowing how little margin for error he would have with Lee pitching for the other team.

Maybe Lee goes more than 4 innings and Ogando isn't pressed into multiple inning duty and doesn't get himself hurt.

Maybe the Rangers build on the momentum of the game 3 win.

Instead Lee, in what could be his last ever Rangers start, having to save the season for a day and then hope the Rangers could cobble together enough good innings to hold off Matt Cain in Game 6 just to force a Game 7 showdown.

The Rangers traded for a unique weapon and didn't use him when they needed him.

It may have cost them the World Series.

I told them so.
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