Sunday, October 24, 2010

What can I say, Rangers fans? I WAS WRONG!

Lots of people doubted the Texas Rangers.
Guess who was one of them?


I didn't buy them in the first half...
I didn't buy them in the second half...
I didn't pick them in the Division Series...
I didn't pick them in the ALCS...
And I wondered if they had fans.

And guess what?
I was wrong every time.

I tip my hat to the Rangers and their fans (who have been posting on my comment sections and calling XM Radio.)

I've got egg on my face.
I messed with Texas.

(If only there was a sign or two in the state to remind us to NOT mess with them.)

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  1. It's ok. A LOT of people were wrong about Texas and more importantly, wrong about New York.

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