Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cliff Lee could be Ryan Gosling's brother

I saw a picture of Ryan Gosling in some up coming film called Gangster Squad. I don't doubt that I will see it because my wife is, to put it mildly, a fan of Mr. Gosling.

Do you know who is also a big fan of Ryan Gosling? Every heterosexual woman I have ever met.

He's a reasonably handsome dude.

You know how some couples have the "Free Pass" list? The celebrity that one partner can hook up with guilt free if the situation ever came up.

Well Ryan Gosling is on my wife's "I am allowed to shoot my husband in the knee to spend a night with him" list.

When we did our casting the 2011 movie video, she tried to cast Gosling as Josh Hamilton even though he doesn't look like him.

HOWEVER, when I saw his pic for the new movie, it looked very familiar.

Then I realized where I saw that intense, bad ass stare.

He looks like Cliff Lee.

Not 100% like Cliff Lee. They aren't dead ringers.

But he could be Ryan Lee. He might be the more sensitive Lee brother who never was understood by his tougher more athletic brother.

Maybe if more women knew there was a Ryan Gosling type on the Phillies they would sky rocket in popularity.

And I for one would like to see Cliff Lee play Noah in The Notebook.

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