Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Come on Pirates... out draw Yanni!

This picture of A. J. Burnett was taken during a major league baseball game.
I realize it is a Tuesday night.
I realize that the Pirates haven't exactly lit the National League ablaze this year so far.

But holy cow, is ANYONE in PNC Park tonight?
This crowd looks smaller than when a high school team plays a championship game in the big league park.

Worse than that. I have played to bigger crowds at a comedy club.

Come on, Pirate fans. Show up, for no other reason than to see Bryce Harper or to watch the Nationals, a team that has actually drafted well and brought up talent from the farm system well.

Tomorrow, the Pirates and Nats play again. I have a challenge for Pirates fans.

 Yanni is playing at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts.

They seat 2,800 there.

I am guessing they are selling out. (I mean it's YANNI! How could they not?)

But show me some of that We Are Family spirit.

Out draw Yanni.

Show me the Pirates have more cachet in town than the composer of Aria. (Although Aria IS pretty sweet!)
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  1. Pittsburgh from Brian7:34 PM

    Couple the poor start Burnett had in his last outing with the 2-3 inches of rain that fell in the past 20 hours, I decided to pass on attending tonight's game. That and I need to rest up to tailgate the Yanni concert tomorrow night.

  2. Scottbravesfan2:30 AM

    Baltimore and Cleveland have had horrible attendance too. I'm just glad it's not a southern team if so you would have never heard the end of it on Espn and talk radio.