Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rest in Peace Carl Beane

The voice that introduced the players of two World Series champions and for many Red Sox fans provided the narrative for games at Fenway is now gone.

He seemed to have relished his role in New England and with the fans and a part of being a Red Sox fan is gone.

No doubt a new voice will emerge (I never thought anyone would replace Sherm Feller) but for today, let us salute the man who was fortunate enough to introduce the champions we had been waiting our whole life for... and they were fortunate enough to have such a great voice introduce them.
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  1. Carl was as much a part of the Fenway experience as the park itself. He'll be sorely missed!

    Not that I like to post links, but I have a buddy, ironically named Sully, that shared an interesting story of how he met Carl a few years back. If you are interested, you can find the story here:

  2. It was a sad, quiet night at Fenway last night...