Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is NOT how the Rockies drew it up

Remember the Colorado Rockies?
They were that team that won the National League pennant out of nowhere a few years ago.
They were also the team in 2009 that looked like the smartest kids in the room.
They didn't make the playoffs in 2010 but made a big charge for it and looked like contenders for years to come.

They traded Matt Holliday and managed to steal Carlos Gonzalez in the deal. And they kept him and Troy Tulowitzki in town for long term deals and had a great pipeline of solid talent coming into Denver.

Remember how they were going to have a homegrown team winning a vulnerable division year in and year out with a core of players that the fans could relate to?

And on May 5 of 2011, the Rockies had a 4 game lead in the NL West.
Everything was working perfectly.

They are 70-104 since then.

And the Denver fans not trading in their Tebow jerseys for Manning shirts are calling for manager Jim Tracy's head. They are falling like a rock and only the Twins and Cubs are keeping them from being the worst team in baseball.

Michael Cuddyer isn't hitting as advertised, Todd Helton looks done and the pitching looks like someone has shut off the humidor.

Call me crazy, but I don't think the Rockies should do anything drastic. And that includes keeping Jim Tracy in his job.

First of all, there is hope for this team. They could do a patented Colorado run for the Wild Card. Plus the Dodgers (while I did indeed pick them) are a super hot team that could go super cold. And who knows what the Diamondbacks, Giants and Padres are going to be at the end of the season.

The West is a wildly unpredictable division. In 2006, it looked like the Padres were going to win it for the foreseeable future. Then in 2007 it looked like the Diamondbacks had it figured out. Then in 2008 it was the Dodgers for years and years. Then in 2010 the Giants staked a claim. A turn around isn't too crazy of an idea.

Gonzalez is still hitting and Tulowitzki should turn around soon. Plus there are many young players like Wilin Rosario, Alex White, Jhoulys Chacin and Drew Pomeranz who could make their mark. Third baseman Nolan Arenado could be up in Denver before the season is over.

There is no reason to scrap the team or change course because of a bad 365 days. The best thing the Rockies can do is provide some consistency and that includes management. Very few people picked the Rockies to win the 2012 NL West, so they should use that to their advantage.

What they were creating was a stable franchise with an identity and a certain kind of player wearing a Rockies uniform. And of course a few stars that the fans can call their own.

Trust me, the NL West changes power from year to year. Be prepared when it is the Rockies turn.

Don't fire the guy.
Something good is going to happen.

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