Friday, May 04, 2012

Heath Bell has more blown saves than saves

Man those are some UGLY numbers for Heath Bell.
He had 3 blown saves in 6 chances BEFORE tonight's blown save in Petco.

So that means he is BELOW .500 in his save percentage.
Seriously, that is pretty awful. It's no longer April. And closers when they flame out tend to stay that way.

It's appropriate that he imploded tonight in San Diego in front of his old team.
Think they look smart letting him walk?

Allowing Bell to walk saved the Padres $27 million, avoided his clogging up the payroll for 3 years and got the Padres the 33rd and 68th picks in the draft this year.

Folks... THAT'S how you survive as a small market.
As for the Marlins. That shopping spree looked great in the winter and I indeed picked the Marlins to go all the way.

It would be tough to do closing out a game is less than a 50/50 proposition.

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