Saturday, May 12, 2012

How the hell is Clay Buchholz 4-1?

Remember Clay Buchholz?

He's the guy who was supposed to be the right handed stud for the Red Sox.
He's the guy who who I declared I was done with.

He's been a vast sea of suck this year.
We are in mid May and his ERA is 8.31.

It will take a few fabulous outings to bring his ERA under 7!!!

He get slapped around. He gets the bullpen working overtime.
Let's face it. He's been awful.

And he's 4-1.

He's on pace to win around 14 or 15 games.

If the name of the game is winning, is he doing his job?
Or is he a lucky SOB?

And is it better to have a lucky winner or a hard luck loser?
I'm not talking about your fantasy team. I'm talking about an honest to goodness baseball team.

I'm not sure.
If he wins 4 more games this year, then this will be his second best season in terms of total wins.

Seems odd doesn't it?
Well as a Red Sox fan I'd rather wonder how a pitcher is compiling wins than lamenting that they are losing close games.

4-1? To paraphrase Bull Durham, how did he ever win 4?
It's a miracle!
It's a miracle...

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  1. He's this year's John Lackey. He's getting 7.5 runs of support per start and winning games he shouldn't be winning. This could be historic.