Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maybe this Red Sox season could get worse...

The Red Sox lost a game where they had the lead in the 8th last night.
They were playing the Royals, the third worst team in baseball.

Tonight they fell behind the Royals 3-0. It's just a one run KC lead now, but doesn't it feel like something awful is going to happen?

I think it says a lot about how numb I am to the awfulness of the 2012 Red Sox that I didn't even bother writing a blog post about the Red Sox 8th inning meltdown last night.

And it wasn't like I wasn't blogging last night!

I blogged about the Pirates/Nationals game, the Rangers/Orioles game and the Blue Jays/A's game. Not exactly the teams that bring high reader volume to the ole blog.

Yet they had more meaning to me than the team that wears Red Sox uniforms.

If they lose tonight (and so far they are losing tonight) then they will be 12-18.
That's bad.
And it will be mid May starting tomorrow.
It's early, but what part of this Red Sox team makes you think "Hey! They will turn it around"?

The pitching stinks, the bats are inconsistent and Josh Beckett is causing controversy by playing golf.

I'm numb.

Are you?

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