Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not a second guess

Note time and date that I am typing this.
With Cliff Lee pitching less than 5 innings in Game 1, Ron Washington HAS to throw him in Game 4.

As it stands right now, if the Rangers split Games 2 and 3, then they will be handing the ball to Tommy Hunter to prevent it from being a 3-1 hole.

Cliff Lee versus Madison Bumgarner is a mismatch and (assuming Texas wins games 2 or 3) would give the Rangers the best shot at a 2-2 series.

They NEED to do this.

The Rangers can't pull what the Yankees did and let A. J. Burnett and not Sabathia save their season.

Note time and date.
This is NOT a second guess
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  1. The Giants have Tommy Hunter? It is ok... I know what you meant.