Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Bernie Taupin and Elton John said it best in “Honky Cat”… a change is going to do me good.

Sometimes a change can do a ballplayer some good. Sometimes a player is simply stuck in a bad place and changing to another team could awaken the star player within

Three World Series MVPs were players that were considered damaged good before they changed addresses and were revived. (Dave Stewart, Scott Brosius and Mike Lowell.)

Other players just have excessive expectations and can’t meet their potential until they switch uniforms and help a team to the World Series title. (Jose Contreras and Jeff Weaver come to mind.)

Which brings me to insane multiteam trade #2 of the Winter Meetings that should take place.

Earlier today I proposed a 9 team deal that basically shuffles a bunch of bad contracts around.

Well now I am suggesting that three of the whopper, gigantic, unmovable, GMs have been fired for less contracts should be swapped for each other.

The Giants deal Barry Zito
and his $83 million contract over 4 seasons to the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays deal Vernon Wells
and his $98.5 million contract over 4 seasons to the Cubs

The Cubs deal Alfonso Soriano
and his $95 million contract over 5 seasons to the Giants

The Giants bring in Soriano, a player who at one point in his career looked like an MVP candidate… but is coming off of injuries, terrible defense, and not exactly endearing himself to the Chicago faithful.Soriano gets a fresh start and could move to first base and protect Pablo Sandoval. And they wouldn’t have to give up any young pitching talent.

The Blue Jays would get Zito, a starting pitcher to fill the inevitable void left by the Roy Halladay deal. Plus Zito had much more success in the AL than the NL… go figure. And as big as Zito’s contract is, it is would actually SAVE the Blue Jays nearly $5 million a season compared to Wells.

The Cubs get Wells, a player who before his giant contract was a Gold Glover with power and was considered to be one of the good guys in the game. Maybe he would relax in Wrigley and regain his power stroke and defense. And if it doesn’t comeback, his contract is a year shorter than Soriano’s.

So once again, your pal Sully has the right idea… you can’t get out from a crappy contract. But maybe a DIFFERENT crappy contract can make the difference?

How can it be worse than seeing these guys sit miserably in their current dugouts for the next 4 or 5 years?

Sing it, Elton!!!


  1. i like the way you think!!
    makes sense for all!!!!

  2. And Wren STILL can't unload Lowe, not even in fantasy land!

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Again, this makes to much sense to ever happen. Soriano could still play SS or 2b for a team.Don't forget Milton Bradley,and maybe most of all for the Cubs, Carlos Zambrano.