Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thank Goodness I know Luke Scott's take on Obama's birth

Seriously, it is very important to know this Good Ole Boy's take that he doesn't think Obama was born in America.

It's important for all of us to hear the well researched and relevant take of the Orioles left fielder on an event that happened well before he was alive, let alone an event he was a witness to.

Now there is a birth certificate, announcements of birth and an eye witness to the President's birth in Hawaii... but obviously THOSE ARE ALL FAKE.

The point is where is the REAL proof? You know, like color sound film of it happening... and having that baby branded so we can follow him from the womb to the White House. You never know! They could have been swapping babies in that hospital in a 50 year old conspiracy to get that baby to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And that's why Luke Scott is famous. For his informed take on politics.

Oh and it is equally important to DIGNIFY those comments with responses.

I couldn't care less what people's politics are.
I don't form my political opinions based on Ben Affleck, Kelsey Grammar or Charo.

But it is always refreshing to hear people's opinions on relevant issues. You know the OPINION that he wasn't born in America.

I'd also love to hear Dan Uggla's opinion on the Kennedy assassination, Troy Glaus' take on Princess Diana's death and Manny Ramirez's dissertation on Area 51.

Actually I WOULD like to hear that last one.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Why is it OK for left wingers make totally invalid comments but if some conserveative makes a statement opposed to their veiws they become so totally intollerant

  2. How is saying "Obama wasn't born in America" simply a statement opposed to my veiws (sic)?

    It's a statement that has been refuted by evidence, eye witnesses and documents.

    It's like saying "It is my point of view that Los Angeles is in Rhode Island."

    It's not.

    If a liberal baseball player said anything as remotely stupid as the whole birther movement, I would jump all over them.

    Stupidity has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with being a moron...

    (Why are all my lunatic commenters Anonymous?)

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Why am I a lunatic for asking a question? There are millions of Americans who do not agree with the "supposed" facts which have been given to prove the President's birth was indeed in the USA. I am not surprized that you revert to name calling when you find someone with differing views than you: isn't that somewhat juvenile!

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    sully, i think you should be honored that luke scott cares enough to comment... i'm just impressed that he can spell multisyllabic words like "surprised." oh, wait...

  5. Why are they "supposed" facts?
    What evidence do you have that there was a conspiracy that was put in place that early?

    That the conspiracy included a false birth certificate AND false newspaper announcements in two different news papers?

    I have yet to hear a single birther give anything resembling ACTUAL data for their theories.

    And when someone's responses to evidence to the contrary is to scream "That's all fake!" Yeah, it makes someone sound looney.

    How about, oh I don't know, something to refute the facts beyond "Hmmm... It looks fishy to me"

    And could you walk me through what the whole conspiracy is again?

    Not just the very well thought out "He's a Forienger with a funny name" point of view. But also WHY the conspiracy is in place and why so many people (including the Republican Governor) is part of it.

    And not all points of view need to be dignified.

    Someone saying "I don't believe Loretta Swit is a woman" can't just say "That's just my point of view and I am entitled to it."

    You could be... but it is easy to verify. And your point of view could be wrong.

    Also you don't know my politics.
    I have voted for Democrats and Republicans based upon who is the best person for the job.

    This isn't about politics.
    It is about insane conspiracy theories with nothing based in reality.

    If you have evidence for this vast conspiracy, do tell.

    Until then, put your tin foil hat back on and let's talk baseball