Monday, January 17, 2011

The Giant Alternative - A Sully Baseball Video

In my latest video, I question what MLB has done to appeal to younger fans and ask why they aren't marketing the World Champions more.

Filmed on location at AT&T Park... camera work by my lovely wife.

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  1. This is not only (by far) your best video review, but one of your best entries on a blog that has thousands of updates.

    Baseball is still America's passtime. It's up to MLB to capitalize on teams like the Giants and their unique players that represent the best parts of the game-- character, talent, pitching, strategy.

    Come on, MLB. Pay attention.

  2. very cool, I work at a library and a school and see quite a few kids sporting some giants hats or shirts so hopefully at least kids in the bay area are jumping on the bangwagon. I think provides good videos, I often would watch highlights on the giants web site but that is because I knew where to look. I guess what I am staying is that the Giants try to appeal to kids but your right the mlb doesnt as much as it should. I got into baseball as a kid because of baseball cards and nintendo video games, two places mlb could start.

  3. Why can't Ken Burns be this funny?

  4. well done! (@Ritch - PBS isn't allowed to be this funny or Congress might take away all the funding... oh wait, they're trying to do that anyway....)

  5. Mad Dog2:50 PM

    Fantastic. As obvious as it is, that's how tonedeaf MLB is to it.

    Who is (arguably) the biggest, most hip and famous athlete in the world?
    Shawn White. The snowboarder who is on every morning show, every credit card ad, yet also still hip with the kids, the kid is EVERYWHERE.

    Guess who he looks exactly like? Guess who he acts like?

    Why is baseball falling off in popularity? Maybe because it's seen as a "straight-arrow" sport in a time when kids want to be punk rock. It'd be amazing if there were just a couple of players in baseball who looked like skateboard punks, smoked a little pot, grew fake-looking joke beards like they were in Jackass, man, if baseball only had a few of those characters... I wonder where they could be...

    I'm just inarticulately repeating you, but Jesus, it's so stupidly obvious it drives me half nuts.

  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Brilliant. My favorite Sully baseball post in ages, arguably ever.



  7. Anonymous8:35 AM

    bite my dodger dog!

    [but i admit you are right...]

  8. nice vid. with a rough economy and high under/unemployment, you'd think that baseball would have used all the recently unemployed guys the giants had and touted their zero to hero status as the feel-good hopeful story of the year. it would have been timely and cogent. probably still is.

    btw, i had my lincecum jersey when i went to watch game 1 in philly. phillies fans are boy scouts compared to the insanity of raiders fans, or all the horrible people i love in the bleacher seats at a giants game.

  9. Unbelievably funny and unbelievably on point!!

  10. Sully's Wife12:39 PM

    great video, and i can't believe your wife shot that with no dolly, walking backwards on a pier. she's a genius. ;-}

  11. Nice pitch, that’s paint!…but whoa there, Sully. Your blog lists you as a Red Sox fan, and you’re trading all that in for a Rally Thong? Welcome aboard the Giants bandwagon—er, cable cable car. You even look right for the gig: the SF version of the Yankees’ George Costanza.

  12. This is brilliant! And your wife is right, it's no small trick to shoot walking backwards in heels. :-)

  13. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Just read this - very very true. Unfortunately, baseball ownership is extremely conservative and backwards-looking.

  14. Because you're encouraging MLB to target younger fans, I just wanted to tell you I am 19 (and female), and I am crazy about baseball. I live, eat, sleep, think, breathe baseball. The only thing I think about anywhere near as much is hockey. How did I become a fan? I turned on a game and quickly fell in love. Of course, not many people are going to get into the game that way, so MLB really needs to start trying. Marketing the Giants is a genius idea. It also ought to be a very obvious idea--if only Bud Selig would ever get a clue. Oh, and I live in Anaheim and am originally from LA County, and I am a diehard Giants fan. I HATE the Dodgers...don't like the Angels, either.