Monday, January 31, 2011

New Sully Baseball Video - "Defensive Indifference"

In the latest Sully Baseball video, I point out that the very concept of defensive indifference is nuts and should be taken out of baseball.

And as always, I'm right.

The video is shot and co produced by my amazing wife, Lisa.


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  1. Funny post. I forgot how modest Rickey Henderson was.

  2. Great job, Sully. Nice hat too. I see some moments where you have a Robert DeNiro expression. I never understood the reason for having the rule either...

  3. Happy Birthday to me and Jackie Robinson.

    Stupid rule.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Nicely done! This is hilarious! You almost had me with you, until I thought of a better comparison than the IBB. Defensive indifference is really a form of fielder's choice. The defense is prioritizing being in position to get the batter out over denying a stolen base. Do you think the fielder's choice should be scrapped too?

  5. I don't think it is an apt comparison.

    A fielder's choice is when you are trying for an out. You've made the choice to go for the lead out or someone other than the batter.

    But the runner who steals second on defensive indifference achieved the goal of moving up 90 feet.

    I think the most apt comparison is in a blowout, the pitcher simply trying to avoid throwing balls and walking batters will sometimes just throw one down the heart of the plate. The ole "If you hit it out, it doesn't matter" mentality.

    If the batter hits it out for a garbage time homer, guess what? It is still a home run. It is still an RBI. It still goes against the pitcher.

    But the guy taking second base in the same scenario doesn't get credit for a steal nor does the catcher have it go against HIS caught stealing ledger.

    I always thought the catcher should throw through. Why not? Pick up an out!

  6. nice video and hat, SJ Giants!

  7. They need to change the rules so that a called third strike is batter indifference. Doesn't count in the pitcher's strikeout total.

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