Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year everyone

First post of the New Year... sitting in Palo Alto wondering who will be the Edgar Renteria, the Armando Gallaraga or the Jose Bautistas for 2011.

Right now, people seem to think that the Phillies and Red Sox are destined to meet in the World Series. I would love that of course, but how often do the consensus picks actually meet up in October.

I am saying right now on January 1, 2011 that neither the Phillies nor the Red Sox will be in the World Series. There will be some team that will sneak up on both of them and force Major League Baseball and Fox to actually use their imagination in terms of promoting the series (and they won't do it.)

Now keeping in mind that my predictions tend to be terrible, that is good news for Phillies and Red Sox fans... and for Fox for that matter.

So Happy New Year everyone. Get over that hangover. Let's get through football and have pitchers and catchers report already!!!

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  1. Sorry but this will be the Red Sox's year!

    OK... I'll qualify that: They're making the playoffs, probably as division winners. Of course once there, anything can happen... but bagging half a dozen injuries (like this year) I like our chances!

    Most important signing for Boston? Cliff Lee with Philly: because that meant that Yankees didn't get ANYONE! LOL.

    BTW... I've made some progress over on All-Time-Teams if you'd like to check it out.

  2. "The Expert" sees the Royals and Pirates.

    You know How Good "The Expert" is just look at his NFL Picks!!!!

  3. yep, they are called the Giants