Friday, January 21, 2011

Something special happens around 0:59 of this video

7th inning of Game 5...
Lee and Lincecum are locking antlers in a pitchers duel...
Giant fans at the Public House watching.

For the first minute of this video, everyone is paying close attention, but know there are 2 outs, Cliff Lee is not the pinata he was in Game 1, and that a scoring opportunity may be squandered here.

I mean how many times can Edgar Renteria come through for the Giants.

Then the fly ball...
There is cautious optimism...

Then it completely clears the wall.

At around the 0:59 mark of this video, listen for that pause before the place erupts.
That pause was the very last moment that a Giant fan ever thought they were going to die without seeing their team win it all.

Then collective "YEAH!"
At that moment they knew the Giants were up 3-0 with Lincecum on the mound.

They knew that the World Series was theirs.

No more Finley grand slam.
No more J. T. Snow thrown out at the plate.
No more handing the game ball to Russ Ortiz.
No more Troy Glaus double or Scott Speizio homer.
No more Benny Agbayani walk off shot.
No more watching the Marlins get 3 walk off wins in two different series.
No more winning 103 games and missing the playoffs.
No more Earthquake series.
No more Jose Oquendo home run.
No more Maldonado losing it in the lights.
No more line drive by McCovey.

At that moment, all of that became prologue.
And the release of happiness was well earned.

I had a similar scream in 2004.
It felt good.

Enjoy it Giants fans.
Pitchers and catchers are reporting soon.

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  1. The Yankee fan in me cannot feel this type of emotion, The Closest I can relate is also in 2004 when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup after being the laughing stock of Hockey Fans everywhere for most of the history of the organization.
    Even in 2004 I really felt good for Red Sox Fans, Maybe it was because I had during that series gone through Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery had something to do with that,
    For Giant fans nothing can take away that moment as is the case of Red Sox Fans, Nothing can take away 2004, Especially arrogant Yankee fans,
    Now I am hoping for another moment this year with the Jets.

  2. I was sitting at my house when I had the moment, I saw the ball going, going, no way I thought it would get out. I was hoping for a sac fly to move the guys, but dammit it happened. Probably one the most memorable home runs I HAVE EVER SEEN but of course I am a Giants fan.

  3. That home run was one of those where you just knew the Series was over and that comeback energy Texas has was gone.
    Even if he had come to the Yankees, my option of Lee had soured after this.
    His own catcher who knew what Renteria could do was telling Cliff to walk him.
    Instead he choose ego over safety...and it cost them a chance to come back in the series.
    For me, I had that moment back in the 1996 World Series in game 4. I knew when Leyritz tied the game that the series was going to be ours.