Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hey Red Sox... sign Omar Vizquel

I am dead serious. Bring him on board. How much would he cost the Sox? $1 million? $2 million for one year?

The Red Sox have wisely stayed away from this year's free agent class with the exception of Nick Punto who isn't exactly a superstar. He's there to give the Red Sox some infield depth.

But why not bring in Omar Vizquel as well?
One of the last remaining players from the 1980s is still floating out there. Why not tack on a 24th year to his career?

And what would his main purpose on the team be?
To start some games at short and help break in Jose Iglesias. What better mentor could the Red Sox shortstop of the future have than possibly the best defensive shortstop of all time?

And one who literally can say "I've been in the major leagues longer than you've been alive!"
Vizquel played 143 games in 1989.
Iglesias was born in January 1990.

Having Vizquel as depth and an unofficial coach could only help the Red Sox as they build towards 2013. $2 million to help develop the shortstop of the future is a bargain.

Compare that to the $44 million spent on Edgar Renteria and Julio Lugo.

And with 2,841 hits, the Red Sox can watch him creep slowly to 3,000.

Combine that with Tim Wakefield needing 6 wins to tie and 7 to pass Roger Clemens and Cy Young for most ever wins by a Red Sox pitcher, you could have two of the slowest and most painful build ups to a baseball milestone ever happening at the same time!

And seeing that I don't think the Red Sox are winning squat in 2012, why not have THAT reason to go to the park?

Come on Sox! It's not like he's going to cost the Red Sox a draft pick or a long term deal. Bring him on board!

Besides, if he makes it to the Hall of Fame (which I think he will) then there will be another plaque with "Boston (A.L.)" on it. And that's not bad.

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  1. that is a very good recommendation actually, if I were the Red Sox coach or president I would hire Omar Vizquel