Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scott Proctor signs in Korea... hopes Torre won't follow him

Reliever and former Joe Torre whipping boy Scott Proctor has left the country. He will pitch next year for the Doosan Bears of the Korean League next year.

Now Joe Torre ran his arm into the ground in both New York and Los Angeles. Seeing that Torre would cross a continent to continue wear him down, Proctor figured Torre probably wouldn't cross an ocean to do so.

Not so fast, Scott.
Torre resigned from his job at MLB.

You had better hope his Dodger bid is accepted. If its not, Torre will go back home to Hawaii... and that's half way to Korea. And I hear the Bears need a new manager.

I'm just saying.

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  1. Scotts a great guy, as well as his wife Carrie being a wonderful lady - I wish him well and hope for a great season in Korea - stay warm Scott - hope to see both of you soon! CB

  2. well there is a big baseball league in Japan, I do not know about the baseball league in Korea, but I would have liked him to stay in USA, but it was his decision