Saturday, January 07, 2012

Why I am rooting for the Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI

I am not a big football fan.
I don't DISLIKE football. I enjoy a good football game. But I don't follow it like I follow the NBA. (Obviously not like I follow baseball.)

But I do get into the playoffs. And I don't really have a dog in the fight (insert Michael Vick not in the playoffs this year joke here.)

I am supposed to be a Patriots fan
and if they win it all I won't mind.
But the Lions have never won a Super Bowl... Neither have the Falcons nor the Bengals.
The Texans have never won a playoff game.

Another title would mean so much to Denver, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Green Bay and Baltimore fans.
And a new generation of San Francisco fans can experience a 49er title.
I would have no problem with literally none of those scenarios.

And yet I am rooting for the Giants.


1. I actually was a Giants fan when I lived in New York all those years.

2. I like the idea of the Giants being the first team to win a Super Bowl in 4 consecutive decades.

3. Tom Coughlin has been rumored to be fired all year long. It would be cool to see him go from "Fire his butt" to "He's delivered multiple Super Bowl titles to the Giants" in one month.

4. I love that nobody can predict this team. One minute they look awful. One minute they look great. They are like the St. Louis Cardinals of football teams.

and finally...

5. I'd love to see Eli have 2 rings to Peyton's 1. That would make the Manning BBQs more entertaining.

So, for old time sake (like this picture of me at Candlestick Park cheering the Giants winning the 1991 NFC title) let's go Giants.


  1. I'm with you on #5 but not enough to root for them. At least not yet.

  2. no way... LET'S GO NINERS! (though I fear the Saints)

  3. lucky 1991 win, craig should have never fumbled.

  4. I am also with you on #5, I really think that there is no time yet for them, it is just not time for them as a friend of mine always tells me