Monday, January 16, 2012

Padilla joins the Sox... hide the booze

After a year when booze and dysfunction in the pitching staff destroyed the Red Sox season, what better way to turn the page than bring a guy with a reputation of disruption, drinking and who shot himself.

OK, fine it is for one season and maybe he has his stuff together.
I just wonder if he would have fit in with Lackey, Beckett and Lester's in game toga parties.

It's odd, however. He's been accused of being too drunk to pitch in the 2002 All Star Game by some people, thus making it end in a tie.

He pitched 2 innings that game. Only Curt Schilling, the game's starter threw more pitches on the NL team that year. A 15 second internet search led me to that information.

Welcome to the Sox Vincente.
Try not to party too much.

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  1. Just glad it wasn't with Texas. Prepare for a beanball war every fifth game.