Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Hurt is out there...

Call me crazy, and I've been called worse, but I personally think Frank Thomas could play a big part in determining the AL West race.

Bear with me.

The Blue Jays determined after 16 games and 60 at bats that it was time to cut the future Hall of Famer leaving up out there to sign, almost free of charge.

Now it is true he is off to a crappy start (10 for 60 stinks for anyone in the business) and he blasted management for sitting him (and possibly costing him an option.)

Well guess what? He is available and the man who finished 4th in the 2006 AL MVP voting and got some MVP votes last season can be plugged into any line up.

And he'll have a big chip on his big shoulder!
Think he'll won't want to prove Toronto wrong?

And even if he won't produce as well as he did last season, his prescence in the lineup should improve the pitches for the guy batting ahead of him

Where should he go?


Man, I still think that is a stupid name. Why can't they just be the California Angels? Oh well...

All last year they needed more pop in their lineup to protect Vlad Guererro. Well here's a cheap and dangerous solution. He would flourish in the relaxed California... sorry I mean Anaheim... whoops I mean Los Angeles of Anaheim sun. And playing for a team certain to be playing meaningful games in September should provide even more incentive if that is possible. Plus Gary Matthews Jr and Juan Rivera aren't exactly the most terrifying DHs in the league.

The Angels have too many outfielders as it is. They need to find at bats for Garret Anderson, Torii Hunter, Vlad Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr, Juan Rivera and Reggie Willits... and throwing the Big Hurt in the mix means 2 of them would basically be wasting on the bench. And the Angels problem isn't necessarily their bats but their suddenly depleted and hittable bullpen.


The A's are off to a surprising start but have very little pop in their line up. Mike Sweeney is the every day DH and Jack Cust hasn't shown the same power from last year. Putting the Big Hurt in the line up could give the A's that potential sense of doom lurking on deck that just isn't there now. Besides, Thomas played for the A's in 2006 when they got to the ALCS and finished 4th in the AL MVP votes. Plus he will come cheap... which will suit Billy Beane just fine.

Not many. Maybe he didn't leave on good terms with the A's or maybe Billy Beane is really going to rely on the DH Platoon of Jack Cust and Mike Sweeney.


Jose Vidro is the Mariners' DH. Let me repeat that in case you missed it. The Mariners, a legitmate pennant contender, is using Jose Vidro as their designated hitter. Also their right fielder is Brad Wilkerson. In other words two of their power spots are being filled by automatic outs. Nobody questioned the Mariners pitching going into this season but the offense was a source of concern. Why not just plug in the Big Hurt?

Nobody questioned the pitching before the season... but now new ace Eric Bedard is on the DL as is All Star closer J. J. Putz. Suddenly fixing the once strong staff has to take priority.

So there are my thoughts...
Frankly (no pun intended) he needs to go to either Oakland or Seattle... unless the Angels snatch him up to keep him away from the other two.

Watch him go to the National League!

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