Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's Jackie Robinson Day... the day we celebrate Jackie's courage, Branch Rickey's vision and the deliverance of baseball from racial bigotry and boring station to station baseball.

I for one think if everyone and anyone wants to wear #42 today they should...
If a parent is at a game with their kid and the kid asks "Why is everyone wearing 42?" then that can only lead to a healthy and productive discussion.

Yahoo's Big League Stew doesn't exactly agree with me... and maybe they are right. Maybe we are celebrating Jackie TOO much. (Cue eye roll.)

Last year I talked about how Jackie Robinson made the baseball talent pool deeper than ever.

And I refuse to let the Yawkeys off the hook. Tom Yawkey had the chance to be a pioneer... and instead he extended the "Curse" for 2 more generations. Explain to me why Yawkey is revered in Boston!

But enough negativity!
This is Jackie's day!

(Imagine him in a Red Sox uniform!)

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