Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey Roger... here's a tip from your pal Sully

Learn to use the phrase "No comment."

When someone asks you anything at this point, say "No comment."
Did you use 'roids? No comment.
Did you have your wife use HGH to look hotter in a Sports Illustrated photo shoot? No comment.
Did you have an affair with a 15 year old country singer? No comment.

I know you are a bad ass who never likes to lose, but it's got to the point where if you said "Texas is south of Canada" I'd have a hard time believing you.

And chances are someone will come out of the woodwork to prove otherwise.

I love that Roger denied having an affair with then 15 year old Mindy McCready and when asked, McCready confirmed it faster than Clemens chucked that bat at Piazza.

Rocket... dude. A 15 year old?
Are you truly a combination of Nolan Ryan and Humbert Humbert?

What there weren't enough hot girls hanging around Harvard Square for you?

Good luck with that defamation of character suit.

On the plus side, I'm sure this will help Mindy McCready's record sales.

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