Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Exorcism worked! The Devil has been cast out of Tampa

The Rays removed the Devil from their name... and next thing you know the team whose name was synonymous with a bottom dwelling fish looks like an actual team now!

Maybe they will put some legitimately memorable moments to go with my Top Ten moments of their sorry history.

Man, just a year ago I equated a series with Tampa with going to a spa.

Now they swept us... with pitching and timely hitting.
With the Orioles playing well and a post exorcism Tampa Bay, where are the tomato cans of this division?

Hope you are happy, Pat and Christin!


  1. Sully,

    Was just watching your clips about the curse and thought I'd let you know that I happened to be in Boston on business the night the Sox won the World Series in 2004.

    I sat at the bar at The Palm at Copley Square and ate a big steak while I watched the game. When the game reached the 7th inning I paid my tab and hailed a cab to take me down to Fenway Park.

    There were thousands of people in the streets and all the bars were full. There was one apartment on the second floor where the residents were watching the game projected on their white wall and we could see it from the street through their window. When the Sox won, the cops came out to disperse the crowds and I inhaled some pepper spray (though not much because I pretty far away from the source). Anyway it was wild and I'll never forget it.

    The next day I flew back to Miami and went straight from the airport to my favorite hot dog joint. Why? Well because since the place was established in the 1960s there was a sign in the place that read "Free Boston Baked Beans the day after the Red Sox win the World Series."

    The original owner, Bob Arbetter, was a Boston native who had a great sense of humor. His son Ronnie had taken over the restaurant and lived up to the promise. When I got there at about 11:00 AM, Ronnie was cooking the first batch of beans and holding court with the local media.

    Ronnie died very young, this year, of pancreatic cancer. Red Sox Nation lost a great member.