Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Color me impressed, Rangers fans

Soak it in Rangers fans.
It's called passion for baseball. It's a long season... it's not 16 Sundays. It's every day and investing time emotion and having moments of great joy and winters of agony.

And if your team wins, you are overwhelmed with joy that can make each summer after wards a celebration.

Enjoy it. This frustration will pay off.

I started the post season needling Rangers fans but from the response on the blog and in the stands of Arlington, you are out there and you care.

I'm impressed.
Fill that park up next year. Don't be like the Tampa fans who need to be bribed to show up to the game.

Wear those AL Champ T shirts. Make those antler signs.
And oh yeah... DEMAND that they sign Cliff Lee!

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  1. We're demanding it. The new ownership group has been great so far. I'm very interested in how this off-season shapes up. I know my son and I will be there for as many games as my budget allows next season. I was at game 4 and even though it was a loss, it was an amazing experience.

  2. From about 500 miles away I can only make a couple of games a year. Win, lose, or already eliminated I go though and enjoy seeing the guys in person.