Sunday, November 07, 2010

My wife and I got very different things out of The Tenth Inning

I was watching the second part of The Tenth Inning last night with my wife.

I found it to be a wonderfully produced retrospective of the exciting, controversial and tumultuous past 15 years of baseball. I was moved by the heroics of Ripken, Big Unit, the post September 11th World Series and Maddux.

I was challenged by the steroid era and its legacy and got goose bumps reliving the roller coaster that was the 2003 and 2004 Red Sox and Yankee showdowns.

My wife?
She found out that Ichiro is hot.

When they cut to Ichiro talking about baseball, suddenly she was paying attention.

"Who is THAT?"

"That's Ichiro Suzuki."

"Damn... he is CUTE."

"Yes he is."

"What's he doing now?"

"He's still the right fielder for the Seattle Mariners."

"Is he married?"

"I am not sure. But I think YOU are."

So keeping score... I'm a Red Sox fan... my son Aidan has adopted the Giants... my son Matty has adopted the Dodgers... and if my wife's attention was any indication, she might soon become a Mariners fan.

Here's a clip from the show. This one is FOR THE LADIES!

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  1. LOL... great post, Sully. I like your response to her - has she seen the clip when the girl freaks out when Ichiro touches her on accident?

  2. I am now adding this to my netflix