Friday, November 12, 2010

Didn't you used to be Andrew Miller?

In 2006, the Tigers drafted Andrew Miller, a top prospect out of UNC. He was a Golden Spikes nominee, the top pitching prospect in college and the #6 pick overall.

He was in the big leagues later that year and looked like he was going to be the real deal.

By the end of the 2007 season he was a key part of the trade to bring Miguel Cabrera, one of the legit MVP candidates in the game, and was off to Florida to be part of their youth movement.

He was going to fit right in with Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco and Anibal Sanchez as the Marlins became an unlikely winner.


He's now 25 years old and was dealt to my Red Sox... and not for a legit MVP candidate but for Dustin Richardson, an OK but not exactly great reliever on the Boston/Pawtucket shuttle.

Not exactly breaking up the farm system for a guy who 5 seasons ago was picked ahead of Tim Lincecum.

Imagine if the Red Sox can harness that talent. OK, maybe not Lincecum level... but what if he could be a kick ass left hander out of the pen? What if he can put his being rushed to the bigs in Detroit and being on and off the DL in Florida behind him?

What if they stole a stud?

Or how about this?

What if the Red Sox call the Tigers and see if they can deal Miller back to them for Cabrera?
Hey, it is worth the phone call!
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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I followed UNC pretty closely through a couple of those college world series, so it's pretty cool that Bard, Federowicz, and now Miller are all in the Red Sox organization.