Monday, November 01, 2010

Something I DON'T want to hear from Giants fans

I do NOT want to hear Giant fans before this game saying crap like “I’d rather see the Giants clinch at home.”

You can’t be picky about how you want your franchise’s defining moment.

When the Red Sox were closing in on the 2004 World Series title, I had a couple of people who were RED SOX FANS say “I wouldn’t mind seeing them drop a few games and clinch in Fenway Park.”

I of course beat those people with ski poles.

We had been waiting 86 years for a World Series title after every sort of cruel near miss imaginable and these lunatics were thinking “Let’s tempt fate.”

It was the equivalent of having food air lifted into a starving country and one of the recipients saying “I’m going to wait. I hear the next airlift has better food.”


I heard more of this nonsense in 2007. “Oh it would be better to win it at home.”

So which games was I supposed to be rooting AGAINST the Red Sox? And remember in 2007 they had played a tough game against the Rockies in Game 2 and a back and forth Game 3… beating a team that had rattled off an incredible winning streak. Yeah, better let THEM refind their mojo so you can have your wittle party at home.

I will not have any tolerance of such insanity.

You root for your team to win.
When the Red Sox celebrated in St. Louis and in Denver… guess what? IT WAS AWESOME!

The only thing that compared to it emotionally was when the Red Sox won the 2004 ALCS and celebrated… in New York.

If the Giants win tonight, and I hope they do, you will be remembering this moment forever and reliving it in your head over and over.

And you won’t be thinking “Ah… it wasn’t that great.”

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