Thursday, November 18, 2010


Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young Award that was rightfully his.

And we can all breathe a nice sigh of relief that the writers voting didn't say "Hey! He didn't get as many wins... how good could he be?"

Best WAR for Pitchers.
The best ERA.
Best Hits per 9 IP.
2nd best WHIP.
Most innings pitched.
2nd in strikeouts (1 strikeout behind the leader.)
Most games started.
2nd most complete games (1 behind the leader.)
Best Adjusted Pitching Runs
Best Adjusted Pitching Wins
Best Base-Out Runs Saved
Best Situational Wins Saved
Best Base-out Wins Saved.

AND he won 13 games on a team that lost 101!

As I wrote before, he deserved it even if he was sub .500.

Good job writers... unlike the American Idol voters, you impressed me.

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  1. When I saw the News I yelled out SULLY CALLED THIS, and I as you feel that this is the right pick

  2. I am a Yankee fan, But when you look at all the Numbers I think King Felix deserves this award