Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey Tigers! Spend a million bucks on a baby sitter for Miguel Cabrera

As details of Miguel Cabrera's DUI become even sadder and more pathetic than we originally thought, it is becoming clear that the Tigers need to make one more pick up for the 2011 season and beyond.

The need a big huge intimidating guy on the payroll to constantly shadow Miguel Cabrera. He has to make sure he gets from the ballpark back to his home or hotel and make sure he STAYS THERE.

Miguel is 6'4" and over 240 pounds. He is no little man. So they will need to get a BIG guy. I am talking about a super huge scary guy. Richard Kiel huge and scary.

But they have to do it.
Cabrera is signed through 2015. And if healthy and sober, he is arguably the best player in the American League... or at least in the conversation.

And with 4 or 5 MVP caliber seasons and a World Series ring already on his resume at age 27, he might be putting together the first half of a Hall of Fame career.

However if he spirals, then not only will he become a sad foot note or a cautionary tale of how addiction can destroy greatness.

And more practically for the Tigers, his contract could be an immovable albatross that hamstrings Detroit for the next 5 seasons, which they don't want.

Or the Tigers will find a way to void the contract... and Miguel doesn't want to lose $100 million. Would you?

So seriously, for a million bucks, I am sure the Tigers could find a quality big guy to scare the tar out of Miguel.

A million bucks doesn't pay for a decent left handed reliever anymore. But in THIS economy, it would be a good gig for someone to just make sure Cabrera isn't going somewhere he shouldn't.

Last year the Tigers spent more than a million bucks to have Adam Everett last year and he managed to bat .185 over 31 games.

Making sure their MVP candidate stays out of trouble would be a much better use for a million bucks, wouldn't you say so?

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  1. they hired raul gonzalez as his babysitter a couple days ago