Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Advice: PICK UP LUIS CASTILLO

The flaming dirigible known as the New York Mets are starting to chuck out live bodies before the carnage continues.

Luis Castillo, best known for dropping a potential game ending pop up against the Yankees, has been cut. Still owed $6 million, the Mets realized that they are better using that money to pay him to play elsewhere. (More money wisely spent by the Mets!)

They couldn't even trade him away in one of my trash for trash deals.

And now, with Chase Utley hurt, it looks like Castillo is going to be picked up by the rival Phillies.

Pick him up!
Yes, I know he was HORRIBLE last year. That's not the point. He's only a year removed from being a .300 hitter with 20 stolen bases. But he is also a two time former World Series champ (with the Marlins) and a former Gold Glover and All Star who was just humiliated.

Revenge is a wonderful motivating factor.
So is inflicting humiliation. The idea of picking up a pay check every two weeks from the Mets while helping the Phillies back to the World Series could lead Castillo to a career season!

If he has one more good season in him, he is going to dig down and shove it in the Mets face.
And if and when that happens, he might as well help your Fantasy Baseball team.

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